Rob Lockyer

Software developer, and visual artist, currently employed as an engineer in the video games industry. He's captivated by the art, and science of computer graphics. This site is a portfolio of some of his work.


A Procedural Planet Generator

Progeny was the capstone project for our computer engineering bachelor degree at Memorial University. It was a four man project involving Chad Levesque, Shawn Josey, Andrew Carter, and I. Our class worked with project advisors from relevant industries. A local game studio, Source Studio proposed the concept for our project as “a library for procedural generation of 3D art assets for games”. So we chose to focus on creating large-scale planetary bodies; we felt it would offer a great demonstration of the strengths of procedural techniques. A big thanks to Source Studio for use of their game engine, as well as the expert advise of Alex Brown. Above is a video demonstrating Progeny in action.

We were also tasked with presenting this project to peers. Our team came second in the presentation competition loosing out to what was admittedly a pretty sweet robotics project.

Cataclysmic Cosmos

Orbital Tower Defence Game

This is a computer game Andrew Carter and I developed for our software design course at Memorial University. We developed the game in Java, so it should run on most machines; though we tested it primarily in windows. I’ve included the game, and some of the documentation we produced so you can get an idea for how we developed it.